About Actua

Actua, Canada’s largest STEM outreach organization, is a national charity preparing youth ages 6-26 to be innovators and leaders by engaging them in high-impact and accessible STEM experiences that build critical employability skills and confidence.

Actua engages youth in two ways: through a national network of 41 university and college-based members, and through a national Outreach Team. Together we inspire over 350,000 youth each year, reaching every province and territory in Canada through summer camps, classroom workshops, clubs, teacher training, and community outreach activities.

Why IDEAS Summit 2021?

Equity, diversity and inclusion have always been important to Actua. Our National Girls Program, InSTEM, and Go Where Kids Are programs help introduce diversity to STEM education. Now, we are proud to present the IDEAS Summit for educators. We hope everyone takes strategies and tools away from this summit to transform their teaching practice with equity, diversity and inclusion in mind.