Actua’s IDEAS Summit, held April 29-30, 2021, was a nation-wide gathering of educators to discuss equity and allyship, anti-racism in STEM, Indigenous STEM education, and inclusive activities in maker and coding education.

Hosted by Actua, Canada’s largest STEM outreach organization, this free event was Actua’s first nation-wide virtual event designed for teachers, and brought together 400+ educators from every province and territory in Canada.

The IDEAS Summit created an empowering space for pre-service and K-12 teachers, Education faculty and instructors, STEM coaches and specialists, board administrators, Tribal Council members, non-profit educators, and Actua’s national network members.

Collectively, we tackled questions including:

  • How can we build more inclusive STEM education opportunities for all youth?
  • How can we adapt equity, diversity and inclusion practices for different teaching contexts?
  • What does inclusivity look like to you?

To find out more about the learnings shared at the IDEAS Summit, or to see highlights from the event, consult the #IDEASxActua thread on social media, check out the 4 key takeaways from the Summit on Actua’s blog, or contact our team at

What IDEAS participants shared

It's wonderful to hear about these conversations and learn more about other educators' work, as incorporating Indigenous content into our curriculum can be challenging. Thank you for organizing! It's among the best virtual PD experiences I've had this past year! - Anonymous educator

It’s rare to be exposed to Indigenous educators, so it was an honour to be in a room with Indigenous panelists who provided great insight on how to teach about Indigenous ways of knowing as a non-Indigenous educator. It was a great virtual Summit where I learned from outstanding educators. I am inspired and ready to be part of the change for more equitable and inclusive STEM education in Canada! - Laura Roa, pre-service educator

The whole Actua team is amazing! I can't begin to put into words to describe my level of awe and gratitude each time I attend an Actua conference. I sincerely and deeply appreciate the purebred Canadian (not American) expertise, the development of local, provincial and federal networks, and introductions to vetted innovations that are truly transformative! - Anonymous K-12 teacher

#IDEASxActua Snapshot

Virtual to Reality

IDEAS is a virtual space, but is designed to put theory into action. IDEAS will spark discussion and build spaces to share how to take direct action towards creating inclusive STEM classrooms.

Hands-On Resources

Workshops at IDEAS present STEM professional development through the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion. Come away with classroom-ready resources for an equitable STEM classroom.

National Community

IDEAS will forge connections with leaders in education from across Canada. Actua’s network members and partners from coast to coast offer locally relevant experience and expertise.

Impactful Dialogue

IDEAS will explore the many facets of inclusion and empowerment - learn from educators with diverse identities, including BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, individuals with disabilities, and more.

Language & Accessibility

Our team strives to be as inclusive as possible. We’ll work with you to accommodate your needs. IDEAS will have accessibility options including seizure safe settings, and settings for visually impaired, and cognitive disability, as well as French translation.