Keynote Speakers



Kyne is a world-class drag queen, YouTuber, and mathematics communicator known for her educational math videos on TikTok and other platforms, attracting an audience of over one million followers. She was born in Manila and grew up in Kitchener, Ontario, graduating high school with the prestigious Schulich Leader Scholarship to study at the University of Waterloo, where Kyne graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics with a major in Mathematical Finance. Kyne is passionate about diversity and inclusion in math, and wants to reduce the amount of youth who leave schooling with a heavy dislike for math. Join us as Kyne discusses how to bring concepts of diversity into the math classroom, and how to bring STEM education to the queer community and queerness to STEM.

Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux

Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux

Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux is the first Indigenous Chair for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada for Lakehead University and continues to develop pathways forward to reconciliation across Canada. She is a member and resident of the Chippewa of Georgina Island First Nation in Ontario and has dedicated her life to building bridges of understanding. She sees endless merit in bringing people from diverse cultures, ages, and backgrounds together to engage in practical dialogue and applied research initiatives. Dr. Wesley-Esquimaux co-founded a youth project out of the University of Toronto, the University of Saskatchewan and Lakehead University, the Canadian Roots Exchange. Her keynote will explore bringing arts into STEM education (STEAM) to create diverse entry points for youth, and how land-based learning can enhance STEM education by holistically integrating Indigenous knowledge.


  • Mónica Aguirre

    Mónica Aguirre
    Vancouver School Board – FuturePLAY

  • Aimen Aziz

    Aimen Aziz

  • Naomi Bender

    Naomi Bender

  • Jennifer Buffalo

    Jennifer Buffalo
    Saskatoon Tribal Council & First Nations University of Canada

  • Thomas Cumberbatch
    Godzspeed Communications/ Black Boys Code

  • Aaron Davis

    Aaron Davis
    Vancouver School Board – FuturePLAY

  • Noreen Demeria

    Noreen Demeria

  • Denise Desjardins

    Denise Desjardins
    Chief Mistawasis School

  • Doug Dokis

    Doug Dokis

  • Jennifer Flanagan

    Jennifer Flanagan
    Actua (Co-Founder, President & CEO)

  • Uthish Ganesh

    Uthish Ganesh
    Toronto District School Board

  • Alicia Henderson

    Alicia Henderson

  • Lucy Ho

    Lucy Ho

  • Erica Huang

    Erica Huang
    Microsoft TEALS

  • Mike Irvine

    Mike Irvine
    Live It Earth

  • Luke Persaud

    Luke Persaud
    Actua / Toronto District School Board

  • Kam Purewal

    Kam Purewal
    Vancouver School Board

  • Caitlin Quarrington

    Caitlin Quarrington

  • Mahfuza Rahman

    Mahfuza Rahman
    Toronto District School Board

  • Abbey Ramdeo

    Abbey Ramdeo

  • David Russell-Loewen

    David Russell-Loewen
    Live it Earth

  • Derek Tangredi

    Derek Tangredi
    Inksmith, Western University, Thames Valley District School Board

  • Mary Wabano-McKay

    Mary Wabano-McKay
    Algoma University

  • Michael Waldman

    Michael Waldman
    University of Toronto Engineering Outreach

  • Jonathan Weber

    Jonathan Weber

  • Zachary Wynen

    Zachary Wynen